My name is Grace Lee.  I am a MN native recently (April of 2016) relocated to the small fishing community nestled in the coastal mountains of Cordova, Alaska.  I keep myself busy being a full time mother of THREE small children (ages 4, 2, 3 months), exploring the outdoors, trying to get my fitness on, and whipping up some incredibly tasty treats and meals that are sensitive to certain dietary restrictions.

I graduated in the winter of 2014 with my BS in Exercise Physiology with a focus in Cardiac Rehab.  I may or may not have attended 6 colleges and universities in my quest for higher education, one of them as a freshman straight out of high school and 6 years later, as a graduating senior.  During this time I had the opportunity to get certified as a personal trainer through NASM and loved working with clients on improving their fitness and just overall well-being.  Although I am not currently up to date on my certification, I have 14 years experience in weight lifting and training as an athlete which included 2 years of collegiate soccer.  My passion to improve your life through physical activity drives me to learn more and be better daily.

Becoming a mother of not one, not two, but three kiddos has shaped my tremendously.  Besides devoting my status to full-time stay at home mom, I was forced to eliminate certain foods from my diet (dairy, gluten, refined sugars) which has rerouted my culinary endeavors to the “alternative” foods group.  I have enjoyed the challenge of finding and creating recipes that are still just as tasty as the glutenous, dairy filled foods I had grown accustomed to.

My “free” time is spent outside exploring, foraging, and just taking in the beauty that coastal Alaska has to offer.  Since my husband is a commercial salmon fisherman, we spend half the year together and half the year apart.  This has presented a unique lifestyle that gives us the opportunity to travel off season and then have a home filled life while the fishing is strong.  I enjoy creating a space where we can relax and hide away from the stresses in life as well as create a landscape where kids can play and vegetables can grow! I hope to find my green thumb all the way up here!

At the center of it all is my family.  They are the most important thing to me and occupy most of my time.  I start and end my day in their service.  I am humbled and blessed to have this unique opportunity to experience all the facets of life.  I get to experience it in full circle–life in 360.

Peace and love.