Where It Began

For as long as I can remember, I have been writing in a journal.  In my childhood I would report on the weather or comment on the size of brook trout I caught in our small stream in Northern Minnesota.  As I grew, so did my vocabulary and length of my entries.  I began to talk about friendships, boys, church, work, and anything that seemed pertinent to my day–like how many times my crush glanced my way on the school bus, you know, the important details.  When I entered the societal marked age of adulthood, 18, my journals became more of an outlet, a therapy almost.  I didn’t just write about my life but I tried to work through my feelings and really understand where they were coming from.  Or sometimes I would just rant and rage about the injustice I was experiencing.  I would just write and write until I felt better.

Journaling became a habit, something I did without even thinking.  Almost as habitual as my daily chocolate consumption.   However, I felt that my writing lacked some sort of direction, a focus.  I didn’t feel the same pull to journal as I had before, especially in this digital age where hand writing your thoughts was replaced with social media posts and blog entries.  With the ability to reach an audience other than my Composition notebooks, I saw it as an opportunity to grow, get out of my comfort zone, and make my mindless banter into something more meaningful.   I guess that is what inspired me to bring my pen and paper habit into the digital age: a blog.

I remember chatting with a close friend a couple years ago about the prospect of starting a blog and she was very encouraging.  I didn’t know what my “theme” or “concept” would be because if you know me I like ALL THE THINGS.  I just remember thinking that I wanted to be able to talk about anything that interests me and really get the full picture–not just some crafted blog made to “brand” myself.  Thus, 360, full circle, the whole picture.  No edits, no frills, and certainly no cropped, filtered image of a perfect life–its far from it.  I want to be real.  I want to connect.  I want to share.  I want to inspire.

That desire, that longing, its always been there.  I have always felt a calling in life to be more than just me.  And now, more than just a mom or a wife.  I got a glimpse of what it felt like to help change someones life during my years personal training.  The small changes, the encouragement, the open conversation–it felt good.  And now its time to start somewhere and see where it takes me.  Maybe its sharing a recipe for a treat someone has been craving but because they are on a restricted diet they no longer thought they could eat that and BOOM! they see I have been concocting a delectable dairy free caramel that is just as tasty as it is healthy.  Or maybe someone has been struggling with motivation for exercise or has a colicky baby that just wont stop crying.  Whatever it may be, I hope that through my experiences I might be able to help someone.  Because what is our purpose if it isn’t to raise one another up?





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